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My name is Jim Helmick. I was diagnosed in early '04 with MDS (a blood disorder) that progressed to AML (Leukemia) in '05. I received a stem cell transplant in May '05 and reached the 100 day milestone with ease. This blog chronicles my "Quest for a Cure". I dedicate this to my friends and family.

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My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTP, also known as a "super thinker". It is seen in only 1% of the population. I have three children from a previous marriage. They are all grown up now. My wife Linda and I got married in Las Vegas at the end of 2001.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

DAY 31

Today I got a bone marrow biopsy. This time it did not hurt so much like the other times. I don't know why. I asked my doctor if I was getting used to them. He told me you never get used to them! The procedure is equivalent to driving a 16 penny nail into the center of your hip bone. Once there, some fluid is drawn out and bone fragments are collected for observation. The area is deadened with Lidocane, but inside the bone cannot be anesthetized.

I should get the preliminary results Friday (day 33).

Dr Yen told me they had two donors with perfect matches. I still will probably do another round of chemo next week called consolidation. It is done every other day for 5 days, and it takes all day for each session.


Anonymous Tom said...

Great news about the matches. I think you look good with a shaved head. You look as if you might be the King of Siam or perhaps the Dolli Lama. Hang in there for you are truely a blessed and lucky guy. Tom

10:57 PM, April 07, 2005  

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